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Week of Mar 7 2022
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Week of Mar 7 2022

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Session plan


This session involves several activities that build into shooting and finishing.

The 12x L-sprint 5m+15m is an activity in which players will move 5 meters laterally (start left-to-right, alternate right-to-left), then spring 15 meters forward. The intent is to simulate movements that a player would make to attack a space, then create a shot. Look for shuffling movements on the lateral direction, then a push-off and lean into the sprint. Focus on knee/lower body positions on the cut.

In the flying changes game, go 2v2 or 3v3 based on your squad size. Flying changes is a shooting activity, not a dribbling or passing activity. Encourage players to quickly create an opening and take their shot. Sometimes, players will try to be "perfect" rather than having a go and making the goalkeeper make a save. On that note, encourage the GKs to be an active part of the activity, looking for passes that result in first time shots. A progression is to allow the GKs to shoot on each other. Consider rotating GKs as this can be a heavy activity for them.

Fake shot and cut

1v1+2 corner goals, add teammates

4v2 center box goal

2+6v3+3 zone-14

2v2/3v3 flying changes