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Week of Jan 31 2022
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Week of Jan 31 2022

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Session plan


This session is intended to develop movement of the ball through a central zone to wide supporting players.

In the 3v3+2+2 rondo, encourage quick combinations from the interior players to switch from one side to the other. Observe the behaviors of the two attacking players off the ball to anticipate and move to spaces to receive and their body shape on receiving.

The 7v8 positional play activity involves three levels of players - the central 3v4, a layer of 4 players, and a surrounding layer of 4 players. With the outermost players in possession, the middle players must be able to rotate their attention both inside and outside. With the middle players in possession, the outside players must look to find positions to receive if their teammates inside are able to recover the ball.

In the 5v5+2+1 game, encourage use of the interior grid as a method to switch point of attack.

With the 7v8 and 5v5+2+1, adjust numbers based on your team and their ability level. The 7v8 could instead be a 6v7 (4v4+2+3) and the 5v5+2+1 could be a 5v5+3+2.

Step over, reverse - outside

1v1 face on 4 goals


4v4+3+4 - 7v8 concentric

5v5+2+1 neutrals in center zone