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Week of Jun 27 2022
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Week of Jun 27 2022

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Session plan


The activities in this session are intended to build into an activity focused on the movements of the forwards. The 1v1 turn and face activity provides a different set of challenges for the receiver - sprinting away, then checking back to receive and dealing with a face-on defender. The 2v2+2 provides an opportunity for a pair of forwards to work together vertically with neutral outside teammates. In the "real" game, these target players would represent shooting windows into the goal. Look for the movement of the 2nd attacker - finding an angle of support during the pass into the 1st attacker, showing/calling for the ball, a purposeful first touch. The 7v8 concentric positional play is typically programmed as a midfielder activity but can provide some challenges to forwards in finding space, receiving under pressure, and ideally turning to continue the ball to the opposite side.

The desirable follow-on would be to add a game designed to work on the phase of play with your game model. Here is one possible sequence of passes and movements that could be developed:

Cruyff turn


4v4+3+4 – 7v8 concentric